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Defending Tax Audits by Tennessee Department of Revenue

Receiving a tax audit (tax examination) notice from the Tennessee Department of Revenue can be a scary experience, especially since the laws are written to place the burden on you to demonstrate that your Tennessee taxes are correct. There is never a good time to find out that you are being audited by the state of Tennessee Department of Revenue, however help is available by contacting experienced tax relief attorney  Ken Sheppard, Jr.  to deal with the Tennessee Department of Revenue, local taxation authorities, or the IRS on your behalf.


What is the Tennessee Department of Revenue looking for in a Tax Audit?

The Tennessee Department of Revenue utilizes tax audits as a method to examine your tax filings and records used to report State of Tennessee taxes. This process is used to determine if you properly reported your Hall Taxes, alcoholic beverage taxes for manufacturers and wholesalers, the Automobile Rental Surcharge Tax, Bail Bond Tax, Business Tax, or an other tax that is assessed by the Tennessee Department or Revenue.


If you have received a notification of a sales and use tax audit, a notification of a Hall Tax audit, or another type of tax audit from the Tennessee Department of Revenue, they may be requesting you to provide supporting records including income tax returns, (frequently schedules B and D from your 1040), a copy of your Tennessee Hall Income Tax Return, year end brokerage statements, detailed statements of income by source, withholding tax returns, sales tax returns, employee W-2s, purchases invoices, sales invoices and exemption certificates. This supporting documentation may be requested  in person, by phone, or by mail in order to prove that your TN tax filing is correct. The Tennessee Department of Revenue tax audits can be random or may be triggered by information provided within or changes to your federal taxes with the IRS, or can be triggered for another reason.


Being selected for a state of Tennessee tax audit is not necessarily an indication of any wrongdoing by you.  Even if you are current on all of your Tennessee and Federal tax returns, have never sought back tax help, and are confident that all of the information you have provided to the TN Department of Revenue is correct, you may still be selected for a tax audit.


Tennessee Tax Audit Defense Lawyer

While you are not required to have legal representation, it is a good idea to hire a tax lawyer who understands how to deal with the Tennessee Department of Revenue in a tax audit. At Sheppard Tax Relief we understand that going through a tax audit by the Tennessee Department of Revenue may often feel like an interrogation, as the Tennessee tax auditor seeks to uncover honest record keeping mistakes, as well as possible cases of tax fraud. It is important to understand that any information you provide to the Tennessee Department of Revenue tax examiner can and will be used against you.


Protect your rights by being represented by a tax attorney serving TN, who will empathize and understand your taxation situation, as well as Tennessee and IRS tax code. The first and best thing you can do in the event of being audited by the Tennessee Department of Revenue is to invoke your right to legal counsel before answering any questions or providing any documentation regarding your case.  Remember that it is the job of your tax attorney to represent your best interests during an audit whether it is by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, the IRS, or another taxing authority.


What if the Tennessee Department of Revenue Tax Examiner Uncovers Items I Cannot Substantiate?

Even if you do not have the tax documentation required by the Tennessee Department of Revenue auditor readily available, as your TN tax lawyer we can work with you to reconstruct the necessary tax records. Additionally we may be able to seek alternate methods to provide substantiation to the Tennessee Department of Revenue tax auditor.


What If The Tennessee Department of Revenue Auditor Makes a Determination That I Owe Back Taxes?

Even if  the Tennessee tax auditor determines that you owe back taxes (plus any interest payments or penalties that may have accrued), as your TN tax defense attorney there are several avenues available for us to help you. Depending on the situation uncovered by the Tennessee Department of Revenue, as your tax attorney we are often able to help you to set up a tax payment plan, negotiate a reduced tax bill utilizing an offer in compromise, seek a penalty abatement or currently not collectible status, or file a state tax appeal.



If you have received notice of examination or documentation from the Indiana Department of Revenue informing you of your rights during the state appeals  process, you should act quickly to obtain legal tax representation.  Contact Tax Attorney Kenneth Sheppard, Jr. for a free initial consultation today at 614-523-3106.







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