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Preparation of Income Tax Returns

The Tennessee Department of Revenue enforces strict filing deadlines and rules which must be adhered to in order to avoid being charged with penalties and interest. Whether you need to file your Hall Taxes, alcoholic beverage taxes, Automobile Rental Surcharge Tax, Bail Bond Tax, Business Tax or other types of taxes with the state of Tennessee Department of Revenue, at Sheppard Tax Relief we are here to help you with all of your taxation reporting for the state of Tennessee and Federal Tax Filings. We have substantial experience working full-time with taxes, therefore we understand the laws imposed by Tennessee and local taxation authorities in addition to the multitude of guidelines which may trigger an audit if not followed.


Personal Federal Income Tax Return Preparation

The income tax preparer at Sheppard Tax Relief works with taxes for our individual, business, and joint filing clients on a year-round basis, rather than just seasonally as many tax preparation companies do. Thereby, the tax preparer stays current with U.S. tax code as well as state taxation issues, processes, and available deductions to help our clients maximize the returns they are required to file, and plan for future years tax filing.


Small Business Federal Income Tax Return Preparation

Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LLC, and Corporations are the most common type of business filing entity. At Sheppard Tax we understand the importance of minimizing the amount owed to the Tennessee Department of Revenue as well as the Federal Government and any local taxing authorities. We work with small business owners to help with planning for their business taxes as well as to ensure receipt of all deductions that are available to minimize the amount owed to the Tennessee Department of Revenue and the IRS.


IRS Allowable Deductions

The IRS allows for a number of personal and business deductions to reduce taxable income, thus either increasing the amount to be refunded or reducing the amount of income tax that is required to be paid to the IRS, and to the Tennessee Department of Revenue or local taxation authority. When you have your income taxes prepared by the tax preparation service at Sheppard Law Offices, you can feel confident that your taxes are being prepared by an income tax preparer who works full time with federal, state, and local taxes all year long.


Income Tax Planning for Tennessee and Federal Taxes

Whether you are planning taxes for a small business or an individual, a little tax pre-planning can go a long way in either maximizing your refund or minimizing the amount that you will owe to the IRS, Tennessee, or local tax authority. Working with an income tax preparer that is available all year long, rather than just during tax season, can provide advantages and help you to keep more of your hard earned money from going to the IRS or Tennessee Department of Revenue. Distinct advantages of having your income taxes prepared by the tax preparer at Sheppard Law Offices is that we have an in-house tax attorney, and our tax preparer works with taxes year-round. Therefore, we are always available to assist our business and individual tax clients to answer questions, provide assistance, and help them to better plan for income tax savings.


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